Wednesday, 11 January 2012

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I meant to post this as it happened last September but things were so different then. My sister rescued two pre-fledged wood pigeons from an untimely scuffle with cats and the big bad world after they and their nest had been blown out of the tree they were inhabiting. She enlisted the aid of a neighbour who owns a very long ladder and with a wire hanging basket sequestered for the purpose re homed the said chicks and slightly battered nest whilst their parents watched on from the neighbouring tree. I doodled the following for her as a reminder of the event.

She walks her dog Lucy there often and was very happy to find that the hanging basket nest was a success and still in position- today even I think! and that the chicks were very happy in their new home being cared for by their parents. Her reputation on the estate where she lives however may have taken a bit of a hammering as a slightly daft female wanting to rescue stray chicks but who cares! Lets hope the des rez has new inhabitants this year.

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