Tuesday, 26 June 2012

24 hours in London

Just had a fantastic time in London very short and brief but a real slice of city life in just over twenty-four hours.
Covent garden for lunch and a wander around afterwards. The printing block stall is still there so a small purchase just had to be made. May use the steel plated S block I bought as a key block for my prints but just fell in love with the detail of the carving of the tree on this wood block.
then it was off to Saint Pauls Catherderal.....

no matter how many times I see this building I never fail to be awe struck, absolutely beautiful.

Dinner was at the Sarastro Restaurant on Drury Lane and as ever it didn't dissapoint with excellent food and service and decor that you never tire of exploring...

Then a perfect day was finished in the evening by one of the most moving theatre productions I have ever seen. Warhorse at the New London Theatre ....speachless for a change. 

The following morning, before the 3.15pm back home, was spent with the master himself- Mr Pablo Picasso plus a few other hangers on such as Henry Moore, Ben Nicholson and Sir Francis Bacon- just to name drop- at the fantastic exhibition currently on show at Tate Britain....
  This is Britain... it most definitely is 
      what a fantastic country to live in.

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