Thursday, 28 February 2013

A very happy birthday....

Following on from my gifted collage picture to Jon and Jen I was asked by a friend of mine to create a similar gift for her friends birthday. It's quite a significant birthday but I was asked not to mention that if possible so just a small reference to the actual date was made. She let me know that her friend Liz is very much a dog lover, working for a vet and currently involved in the initial training of police dog pups before they go for proper training with their handlers, Alsatians being her preferred breed.

So a dog walking theme came to mind with a spring backdrop, but being a March birthday it can still be very chilly and very very muddy out walking as I know myself when walking my Golden Retriever Jas everyday- hence the boots and big coat!

The boots were quite apt in the end as Liz has asked for a very special pair as a birthday present I hope her present was just right and also that she liked Angela's gift too.
Very happy birthday Liz x

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