Saturday, 5 April 2014

Proofing plates whilst it's pea soup outside ....

As the weather has scuppered my plans for a days sketching today, I decided to proof another of the small landscape collagraph plates I have recently made.

I used a combination of intaglio inking and applied wipes and rolls of additional colour to the relief surfaces of the plates.

There are two collagraph plates in the above image- background and foreground over printed whilst still wet. Then relief printed grasses once the prints were semi dry....

This image just utilises the foreground plate with the relief grasses plus some monotype foreground detail applied by hand.....

There are so many connotations from using just one or two plates then adding individual details making the prints more variable and therefore more unique in the edition. 

I was pleased with the proofs and looking forward to working on others in the group of images all in time for Open Up in May.

Hope you like them.

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