Monday, 8 September 2014

Art in the Gardens ....

I have just spent a wonderful weekend talking about and selling my work in the beautiful gardens at Sheffield Botanical Gardens. As part of twenty makers from All Good Stuff in Sheffield it was a fantastic opportunity for me and I have been blown away by the interest in my work...

The new ceramics want down a treat and some of them now have new homes

Although I'm using a digital transfer process from my original hand pulled prints, each one is hand collaged onto the bone china blank so they are utterly unique in their design. The pieces are then fired to secure the designs. I may use the same theme of images but the placement and arrangement of each one will be different so no two pieces will be repeated and they will reflect my current theme of work at the time and will develop visually in the same way as my prints and collages.

The first day of the event was a typical late summer misty wet day and it was more about keeping things dry, but I was amazed by the amount of dedicated people still happily engaging with artists in the pouring rain- many thanks to those who did.

Our group stall was also very honoured as we we're independently judged on our display and awarded gold, then on the Sunday we actually came first in the category and we're presented a prize by the Mayor of Sheffield at a small ceremony securing our position to attend next year. A really positive reflection of all the hard work that the team from All Good Stuff put into attending the event.

Onwards and upwards I'm looking forward to being there next year and having as positive a time as this year. 

Thankyou to everyone who stopped to talk to me about my work over the weekend, there is nothing I like more than to talk about my inspiration and techniques, and they now probably know I can rabbit on a bit! special thanks to those who also made a purchase your support is immeasurable.

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