Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Open Up Studios 2014

It's been a fantastic experience, my first time trying Open Up and I've enjoyed it immensely. In all I had around forty visitors spread over the three days that I opened up the studio and enjoyed some really good conversations about my work, inspiration and techniques. Plus I achieved a few sales which was lovely, the new notepad jotters went down very well.  

For those who couldn't get across to see me, here's a few pictures of the studio, actually tidy for a change! and the 'gallery' I created on the 1st floor landing.

Notepads cards and prints with some new pieces framed on the wall.

Midnight garden 3/10 sold on the Sunday.

And finally the gallery space on the 1st floor....


  1. Suzi, I've just seen your work in the Art Cafe and bought one of your `oil beetle' cards. I was impressed by your range of work and hope you have lots of sales. I also noticed your Hawthorn press in the photo above. I wonder if we met at a Solar print workshop back in February 2013 - in Nottingham. I'm hoping to be part of the Off the Shelf exhibition and print fair this year as part of JWJ Printmakers. Maybe we'll be able to catch up. Best wishes Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy yes we did meet I hope you're very well and thank-you for the comments re my work on show at Penistone. I met a lady called Anna at Art in The Gardens at the weekend who is also at JWJ printmakers- we had a good chat about Collagraphs I think I rambled on a bit! Wishing you all the best and yes hopefully bump into you soon Suzi